Privacy Protection and IT Solutions


Powerful & Private

We provide you with the skills, knowledge, and services to keep your data secure. Giving access to the latest information availble even as we hear it. Not only do our services help you maintain your privacy, but even affiliation is kept under lock and key, or rather hashes and salt.



Knowledge is power. Staying informed is also the best way to maintain protection. We stay on top of the newest tricks that are being used to steal your information.


Transparent & Secure

Our knowledge is your knowledge. Our practices and services will never be kept secret from clientele. We aim to educate as well provide a useful services. If you were to ever desire an explaination to how or why, we provide it. From as high or low as a level as you'd desire.

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We're Not Just Security

We don't only help with Security and Privacy. We help with all IT needs. Website modifications, consulting, and PC repair. Message us and ask if we can be the solution to your problem.

We can help you with your website and much more.