Privacy Consulting

Your data is important, and most of all it's YOUR data. We're interested in helping you protect what is yours from any unwanted snoops. We can help ensure you're using the best and most secure software. As well as making sure you're following the best practices for handling it.

Security Analysis

Think you're secure? We can preform a security analysis to help reassure you of that. Small things can easily go unnoticed. Gaps in security can come from holes in firewalls, open ports, even poor data safety protocol. We help find these vulnerable vectors by playing the role of the Black Hat, preforming a penetration test.

Web Development

Here at PPITS we also help in custom software solutions, mainly in the form of Web Applications. We can even assist in helping update your site as well. We follow the top of the line standards to keep you at the head of the game! Making your site quick and adaptable to media of all sizes.

IT Solutions

Files get lost or deleted by mistake sometimes, sometimes though they're not entirely gone! We offer Data Forensics to assist in Data Recovery.

Computer upgrades and repair can also be done as well. We can help discuss what upgrades are availible for your hardware, and we can even order and install it for you. Occasionally hardware breaks, it happens. Replacing broken parts and/or fixing what needs to be fixed is an easy task for us too.

Hardware Disposal

A big mistake often happens when hardware is just thrown out and not properly taken care of. Hard Drives of all sizes if not properly erased will retain data. Potentially that data can be very sensitive and easy for someone to swipe. Also if the Hardware isn't broken, why throw it away if it can be safely recycled?. Allow us to take and handle your old hardware of all shapes and sizes. We'll take the liberty of erasing the Hard Drives completely, making them unusable and barren of any data that was previously stored on them.